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Service Plans And Rates

Whether website content, newsletter, product descriptions, resume, or your latest press release, if you are like most business owners/managers, you may be losing money in a number of ways:

Paying for marketing materials that do not specifically reach or communicate to your target audience.

Paying someone else who does not understand your vision to handle it all for you, often someone whose profession is other than that of copy-editor or proof-reader.

Or trying to "do it yourself"--when your primary job should be to grow and manage your business not micromanage your copy.

Plan A - Per Project Fee

As your writer, editor, and content consultant:

I will supply a comprehensive analysis of draft materials during a 30-45 minute review, in person, on the phone or via email or video-conferencing. Initial consulting fee is free. A per-project bid will be offered the following day where I will prepare a written response with suggestions, recommendations, and a sample draft document for you and your focus group to review.

If bid is acceptable, I will then be available to you for 8 hours of email response and/or brief phone calls or video-conferencing to respond to related questions which may arise.

Plan B - Per Hour Fee

Small projects may better fit an hourly charge of $45 per hour. First 30 minute consult is still free.

Plan C - Your Email Ghostwriter

As your personal email ghostwriter, blog-post reviewer:

You send me your important company emails or posts (by 1:00 PM during any normal business day), and I will edit, polish, and return them back to you the same day (or within 2 hours if you notify or call me with an "urgent" request). I will also flag non-email-appropriate content. With this service you will have some of the cleanest, liability-free email/blog-copy in the industry-your words will shine!

Fee is per monthly subscription of "$45 for per set of 10 emails/blog-posts of no longer than 500 words per item (with an additional $25 for each individual "urgent" email/post request).

Rates And Services (pdf)