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Dave Kragen is a philosopher, writer, teacher, editor, husband, father and grandfather.

Dave served four years in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1973-1977 doing SAR (search and rescue) and ATON (aids to navigation). With his veterans benefits he went to college and got a B.A. in philosophy from Azusa Pacific University, an M.A. in philosophy of religion from Denver Seminary, and a second M.A. in philosophy from Syracuse University. It was during his college years that he began writing. He finished his first short story "The Chairs" in 1984.

In 1989 Dave started his first novel titled Creatures of the Heart. Since then he has finished eight novels, six science fiction and two historical fiction.

Dave recently finished his seventh novel, the third in the series of The KillWare Chronicles, called The Accidental Prisoner, and eighth novel, third in the series of The Creature Chronicles, called Space Leviathan. His fourth novel, Plagueman, was released in December 2005 through ArcheBooks and is available for sale online as well as from your local bookstore. The Accidental Prisoner, along with all K.D. Kragen's published works, is available on amazon.com and from your local bookstore. More info at killware.com.

For the past twelve years Dave has been the managing editor of Scandia Patch Press. Over the years he has published book reviews with a number of arts magazines, and lectured in philosophy of art at art colleges and galleries around the Puget Sound. Dave has also edited, transcribed, and ghost-written material for other local writers and artists, and periodically managed numerous newsletters for non-profits, local organizations, and a public utility, Kirk Avenue Water District, which he also manages.

You can read more about Dave Kragen and follow his writing career and numerous links and blogs at kdkragen.com.
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